High-Quality Logistics & Warehousing Services

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Logistics & Warehousing Services

Pick Up & Go Moving International is a warehousing company based in North Carolina. We are one of the leading logistics firms, serving Fortune 500 companies for the past 16 years. We are the premier storage company in the Carolinas. We are reliable and known for our good customer service.

Pick Up & Go Moving International was established over 16 years ago. We were a major moving company throughout North Carolina. As the company grew, more and more customers wanted warehousing services. The demand for warehousing services cemented the way for us to make it our core business.


Why Choose Us?

  • Minority business
  • Endorsement certified employees with clear background checks
  • Drivers with MVR driving record
  • Certified for the position
  • Intensive training for the staff

Pick Up & Go Moving International has enough space for us to provide outstanding warehouse services. No matter what service you require, it comes down to our service commitment. Our warehouse customer service agents only want you to experience satisfaction.